Does Your Company Print A Lot? Stop Wasting Crude Oil to Print. Switch To Bio-Toner Now! Become Green Today!


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Environmental Impact

Saves 3 Liters of Foreign Oil, Made in USA from SoyBean Oil, We Recycle old Toner Cartridges

How We Make Them

New Virgin Cores, Just like OEM Cores, Uses SoyBean Oil

Clients Love

Cost About 20% Less, Same Yield as OEM Toner, Free Shipping, Easy Online Ordering, Solid Warranty, Expansive Client References

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Put the Environment First. Everyday

Bio-Toner helps USA Farmers. Made In America
Our environment should come first. We all enjoy our parks, our vegetables, our clean air…. why would we use crude oil to print if we don’t have to? On average, a toner cartridges use 2-3 liters of foreign oil for a full cartridge…. This is Crazy!! Try one of our EFP bio toners that uses soybean oil in the place of your current OEM toner powder. You will never turn back, guaranteed.

Often times companies have ground breaking technology and weak customer lists, this is not true to EFP. We have clients from Fortune 500 companies, Large Universities, and Government Entities. This is the power of EFP Bio-Toner, anyone with a printer can take advantage of oil savings as well as cost savings.





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